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Bayside Martial Arts was founded in November 2013 and is a locally owned and operated business in Hervey Bay on the Fraser Coast.

Bayside Martial Arts maintain Shotokan principles and technique with a strong emphasis on the old world values of this system, encompassing discipline, mutual respect, traditional training methods and utilise the Japanese language in delivering our classes.

Bayside Martial Arts train in traditional weaponry and learn where and why they originated and how they developed over the decades.

JMAN Media created a modern sleek website for Bayside Martial Arts which includes a photo gallery, interactive location map and on going graphic work.

Site Build Status:

100% - Completed

Site Build Budget:

On Budget

Some of the website features include:

  • Fully responsive website works across all platforms from Desktops to Laptops, Tablets and Mobiles.
  • Digital graphic work on going for website.
  • Interactive Location Locator with the ability for live directions.

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